Geometric Pigment™ is manufactured with the same polyester film base as our stock holographic performance film lines thus it shares the same characteristics in regard to heat tolerance, (400°F), and optical clarity. The film base substrate is ½ mil, (0.00048"), ultra-clear polyester film that is embossed and vacuum metallized to an optical density of 2.0 to 2.5 o.d.u. It is then cut up into particulate and bathed in an epoxy -based sealant to protect the embossed holographic groove to metal bond.

The rugged architecture of our Geometric Pigment™ insures its long-term optical performance and physical durability in a wide range of applications. Geometric Pigment™ can be used for applications that require high temperature processing or long-term immersion durability in solvents and resins. Geometric Pigment™ is widely used in as an additive in automotive paints, (PPGs' Prizmatique™ line), powder coating processes, clear and color coatings for consumer items and packaging, hot and cold molded plastic items, printing inks for paper and fabric appliqué, and as the magic glittering component in a number of cosmetic lines, (Urban Decay™, Girl™).

Sizes are measured across chip face
0.002" / 50µ micron
• 0.004" / 100µ micron
• 0.002 x 0.004" / 50µ x 100µ micron


Chip thickness
• 0.00048" / 12µ micron


Available in all sizes
• Silver
• Copper
• Gold
• Pewter

To request free samples of Geometric Pigment™, go to the "Send Me Samples" page, fill out the form, and use the description field to specify the sizes and tints that your are interested in as well as any other questions you may have regarding our products.

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