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Spectratek Technologies is the industry leader in Holographic Diffraction, Fresnel Lens, Engraved, and SpectraSteel Decorative Films, creating the brightest and most vivid visually active surfaces for over 40 years.

Michael Foster, Chairman of Spectratek is credited with the invention of the first commercially viable means of producing 3D holograms and Diffraction Gratings. Since then Spectratek has become the leader in developing and bringing to market the most visually appealing designs in the industry.

Spectratek labels and cartons provide irresistible shelf appeal for some of the largest brands in the world.

Spectratek’s mastering and manufacturing techniques create consistently bright holographic diffraction films over long manufacturing runs.

Spectratek’s 100,000 square feet facility can manufacture more high-quality holographic film than any other plant in the world.  Proudly manufacturing in the USA for over 40 years, Spectratek provides the highest quality films to meet your global demands.

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