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Spectratek Holographic, Fresnel Lens, SpectraSteel, and Engraved Decorative Films

Thickness of film:  12 micron, 23 micron, and 50 micron and thicker upon request

Width of rolls: 40”; 56”; 65”

Length of rolls:  12 micron = 55,000 linear feet; 23 micron = 28,500 linear feet; 50 micron = 14,500 liner feet

Colors: Holographic silver with color tinting available


Printing & Packaging: Lamination to cardboard stock for folding cartons, POP, publications, trading cards, signage, and many other applications.

Labels and Stickers:  Adhesive backed and offered with adhesive and either 50 lb roll fed or 90 lb layflat adhesive.  Supplied in rolls or sheets. BOPP for mold label (IML) stock.

Flexible Packaging:  Spectratek film is laminated to one or more plies of other plastics to create flexible packaging.

Glass Lamination:  Spectratek film can withstand the high heat of glass lamination.

Furniture:  Spectratek film is supplied with a hard coat can be laminated to MDF, particle board, and many other surfaces to provide a remarkable yet durable look.

Formats available:  

Film only in rolls with full, partial, or no metallization

Laminated to card or board stock for printing cartons, POP, etc.

Adhesive backed for labels, stickers, POP, etc.

Characteristics:  Spectratek decorative films have a print receptive surface that works with most ink systems.   Digital ink receptive coated film is available.  Hardcoating and other surface treatments are also available.

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